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    Woodbury is a Community Garden in the Conroe area, just north of Houston. We opened in January of 2010 with the hope of building relationships with neighbors in our area who had an interest in gardening. In addition to gardens, we have 300+ laying hens that provide wonderful, fresh, hand gathered eggs daily. We recently added over 100 blackberry vines and 125 blueberry trees as well as numerous citrus trees. Woodbury is a dream I dreamed and have watched it be embraced by countless acquaintances that have become dear friends. God has blessed our little piece of Heaven abundantly, and our hearts are full of thankfulness.

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Christmas at Woodbury…

Tis’ the night of our Christmas and our faces are glad, 
sleepily thinking of the day we have had.
When all of the sudden Mom rose with a clatter 
and everyone asked “What was the matter?”
“It’s late, and it’s dark”, she explained, “I must gather.”
Out the door she did fly with a whirl and a flash,
in her PJ’s and boots and hat and a sash.
Not thinking of visitors or guest at all,
“Who in the world on this evening would call?”
Realizing the hen house needed a cleaning,
on came the waterhose with water a streaming.
The through all of the noise, what did she hear?
A couple requesting some Holiday Cheer!
“Your first time to Woodbury!, well isn’t that dandy?,
Why yes!, the rubber boots do come in handy”
“We keep coming by and of eggs you are out.”
“Please know they are laying, no reason to doubt.”
Come inside the cottage and I’ll wash you a few, 
Christmas Day must that egg day for you!”
We spoke very little about my attire,
only the boots, and the hat and the muck and the mire….
The moral of course is evident to all,
when working in your pajamas you can expect someone to call…


My Favorite Meatloaf…


I know what you are thinking…Meatloaf?? Seriously??

Yes. Because if you lose the bad wrap that comes with the name and just consider the ingredients, you would have no hesitation in giving it another chance.

My Meatloaf Recipe:

Gound Beef   (I like 93%—you need a little fat for taste)   1 to 2 lbs

Ground lamb or Veal     1 – 2 lbs

Depending on the size meatloaf you need, you can figure about 6 oz per person.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~equal parts of these two ingredients~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 Medium Yellow Onion

4 Carrots

1 Bell Pepper

1 Clove of Elephant Garlic   (I use Elephant garlic only, it has a milder, nicer flavor)

Worcesterhire Sauce

3 TBS A1 Steak Sauce

3 TBS Tomato Paste   (get the tube not the can, it has a Tinny taste)

1 Egg

S & P

*Meat thermometer*   —- I use one attached by a cord to a temperature base that sounds an alarm at the temperature I set

Don’t let me lose you on this last thing. I cook all meats by thermometer (except on the grill), it takes the guess work out of it. It’s fool proof and keeps dinner out of the garbage.

You will want to mix the two ground meats together gently with your hands, and just enough to combine.

Place roughly onion, carrots and bell pepper all in the food processor and pulse to about a medium size dice. About pea size. Saute this in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil until it begins to soften. Clear a spot in the middle of the skillet and put tomato paste in the spot to begin to cook it a deepen its flavor. Mix into vegetables after about 2-3 minutes. Pulse your Elephant garlic until it is the same size and add it after your vegetables have soften–turn off heat. The residual heat will cook the garlic without burning it, so you will avoid a bitter taste. Set this aside and allow it to cool.

To your meat mixture add 2 TBS worcestershire, 2 TBS A1 sauce, egg and Salt and Pepper—-But Do Not Mix Yet.

When your vegetables cool add them on top of the meat mixture. Then, gently mix all together just enough to blend. Use your hands and do not over work or your meatloaf will be tough.

Place in casserole dish of your choice. Top with a layer of Ketchup (I like Heinz) and sprinkle liberally with pepper. Bake at 350F until the internal temperature registers 160F on your meat thermometer.

Here’s my disclaimer about ketchup. I do not use ketchup on anything except in my meatloaf recipe. I really despise ketchup in and of itself. But!  When you roast ketchup its becomes something other than ketchup, something sweet and deeply tomato-y. You would never think it could be, but it actually becomes…good. Atleast to me….

Enjoy your newly acquired affection for meatloaf.


Something that bears repeating…with almost every new flock!!

Dear Ms. Henny in nesting box #17,

As we both well know our working relationship has been marred lately by conversations both heated and unkind. I decided in light of our differences we might both benefit from expressing our feelings in written form where we can keep both cool heads and pure hearts more effectively.
First of all I do apologize if the rules of the hen house are beyond your view from nesting box #17. I thought perhaps you might better be served with your own personal copy.

#1. There are no victims in the hen house. Only opportunities to serve your fellow mankind

#2  There are mentoring hens always available and willing to help you improve on grace and unselfishness

#3  Mentoring is not counseling. We have tried counseling in the past and found it is not cost effective in the hen house. If you come to the hen house with excessive baggage we have cheaper and more effective ways of helping you.

#4  If you are in need of a vacation to “gather your thoughts”, we have available for you a wonderful wilderness retreat behind Woodbury on the East side. Many of your ancestors have found this retreat to be quite invigorating if not eye opening. Provided you have earned vacation time and are willing to sign the “waver” that states you understand the perils of traveling abroad, you are more than welcome to take a night off and go “find yourself”.

Four simple rules that have served Woodbury now for 5 generations.

All this to say, if you draw blood on me one more time, you and I will meet in the hen yard at dawn and exercise out constitutional right to bear arms.
I hope this clears up and misunderstandings we have endured over the last few months. It is my sincere wish to return to a more amicable working relationship as soon as possible.
I close with a short scripture for you to ponder:
I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life…